5/21/2017 Music City Record Collector's Convention

Vendors' Guide:

#1: Neon Angels Records & Collectibles, Nashville TN

Vinyl from many different genres, including lots of heavy metal, hard rock and punk. There will also be a strong focus on all things related to The Runaways!



#2, 3 & 4: The Great Escape, Nashville TN

The Great Escape has been the mid-south's leading place to buy, sell & trade used, new, collectible and out-of-print DVDs, CDs, Records, Comic Books, Games & more since 1977, and currently have stores in Nashville, Madison, Bowling Green and Louisville. They will have three booth spaces filled with vinyl LPs, 45s, 78s, CDs and other memorabilia. www.thegreatescapeonline.com


#5: Bobby Brabant, Atlanta GA

Atlanta based record dealer who has been doing shows since the late 70's and offers a wide variety of rock, punk, jazz and r&b vinyl.


#6: Johnny B., Goodlettsville TN

Johnny specializes in rock and country.


#7 & 8: Yesterdaze Records, Seneca SC

Hard to find 60s and 70s, blues, jazz, punk, prog, psych, R&B, 50's/60's

Facebook: facebook.com/yesterdaze1957


#9: Grendel's Choice, Nashville TN

Tom George has been one of the most popular record vendors at the Nashville Flea Market for over 5 years.



#10, 11 &12: Elevator Vinyl, Nashville TN

Long time Nashville DJ and record vendor Tim "Mindub" Hiber always has an excellent selection of LPs available.



#15 & 16: Mobile Records, Mobile AL

Mobile Alabama's Mobile Records stocks vinyl records...new & used in every category you can think of and probably a few more. Founder Keith Glass has been active in the record slinging biz since co-founding Archie n' Jughead's, a record store in Melbourne Australia, in the 1970's.

Facebook: facebook.com/MobileRecords


#17 Elliot's Music, TN

I carry all genres including rock, jazz, soul, c&w, etc.  I am a collector first so I have a lot of sought after LPs I am selling from my collection, but will also bring some bargain bins for the diggers. Accepting credit cards.

Twitter: @kentuckyelliot


#18: Wright Sounds, Louisville Ky

Selling online, at record shows and flea markets for over 10 years, professional DJ/sound guy for 20 years. Specializing in rare 45s (soul, funk, r&b, rockabilly and garage), private press LPs and 12" singles.

Instagram: wrightsoundz


#19 & 20: Wayne's Wax, Nashville TN

Until semi-retiring last year, Wayne was a record dealer at the Nashville flea market for over 30 years. He carries a very wide variety of music.


#21: Shattered Music, Mt. Shasta CA

Long time west coast record dealer Robbie Petterson decided to extend his road trip to the big Austin record show all the way to Nashville! Lots of rare and sealed stuff, imports, etc. Specializes in psych (including the previously unreleased recording by Nymbus, which he discovered and released on limited vinyl himself) and blues.


#22 & 23: Depot Records, Lawrenceville GA

Record shop in GA that carries vinyl, cassettes, 8-tracks, CDs, reel to reel, VHS, memorabilia and more. (editor's note: Depot was a late addition to the show and I took this info from the description of their store)


#24 & 25: Jorin Edgerly, KY

Broad range of records.  Specializing in Punk, New Wave, and Alt Rock.


#26: Hound Dog Hoover's, Kingston Springs, TN

Hound Dog Hoover's is a funky little record store in Kingston Springs, just west of Nashville. Thousands of LPs and 45s Classic rock and lots of roots music as well.




#27 & 28: Phil Pearson - Crazy LP Man, Simpsonville SC

Phil is based in Simpsonville SC and specializes in older vintage LPs - doo wop, blues, country, and rockabilly. 


#29: Kevin Lease, Mount Pleasant PA

50s, 60s R&B, garage and blues.


#30: Buck Buchanan, Nashville TN

Record geek from Nashville. I should have a mix of classic rock, R&B, jazz, psych, krautrock, prog and oddities.


#31: Mike Manning, Nashville TN

Former DJ and owner of River Records in Louisiana (and current podcast host), Mike is a human encyclopedia of music and always has an excellent selection including some great classic country. 


#32: Teenage Caveman Records, Andrew Ochsner, Charelston, SC.

Soul, garage, rockabilly, 45s and jazz, funk, 60s-80s rock LPs plus lots ofother misc. weirdo records.

Instagram: I_was_a_teenage_caveman


#33 &34: Charles Hardeman - Soda Pop Rock, Graysville TN

Charles is based in Graysville TN.


#35: Nic's Records, Nashville TN

78s, LPs, 45s

eBay: Sparkydoodle2


#36 & 37: CVC Collectables, Clarksville TN

Based in Clarksville TN, CVC Collectables carries imports, DVDs, 45s, LPs, CDs, classic and progressive rock - 60s to current - serving the true collector since 1984.

Website: www.cvccollect.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CVC-Collectables-149223863512/?fref=ts


#38: Jesse Goldberg, Nashville TN

Long time record vendor at the Nashville flea market, and former organizer of one of the biggest record shows in NY.


#39: Goner Records, Memphis, TN

Record label and retail store in Memphis TN. THey put out the first records from Jay Reatard, Guitar Wolf, Kinh Khan & BBQ SHow, as well as releases by Ty Segall, Carbonas

 and Quintron.


#40: Motorsoule Vintage, Nashville TN

Recently relocated to Nashville from southern CA. 

Instagram: Danero99


#41 Jamie Manning, Spring Hill TN

Jamie is a record dealer from Spring Hill TN.


#42 & 43: Jax Wax, Ringgold GA

Jack Lightfoot is based in Ringgold GA, and will have 1,000 LPs of classic rock, punk, electronic, progressive, krautrock, and many Japanese white label promos.

Facebook: facebook.com/jack.b.lightfoot


#44: Jon Lorenz, Cincinnati OH

Punk, industrial, experimental, new wave, jazz, rock etc. Also puts on the Northside Record Fair in Cincinnati and Dayton Record Fair in Dayton.



#45 & 46: Raven Records, Knoxville TN

Jay Nations has operated Raven Records from Knoxville TN since 1985, both as a brick and mortar store, and as a vendor, selling at record shows all over the eastern half of the US.

Instagram: Manovinyl1

Twitter: @ravenrecords

Facebook: Ravenrr85


#47 & 48: Greg Demos, NC

Bringing 45s, LPs & 78s of all genres, including many obscure country 45s.


#49: Jimbo's Records and Tapes, Gallatin TN

Jimbo's is located inside A Daisy A Day Vintage Antique Marketplace. They specialize in LPs, tapes, and vintage crime novels.



#50 & 51: CD Wolf Music, South Carolina

Import CDs: Ace, Repertoire, BGO, Esoteric labels, etc.


#52: Carry A Tune Record Crates, White House TN

Hand crafted LP display and storage crates. Super sturdy and stackable. Natural pine, stained or custom painted. Show off your collection.


#53: JTB's Groovy Record Room, Cottontown TN

JTB's Groovy Record Room, based in Cottontown TN, is operated by Jason Broadrick and carries a wide assortment of vinyl records.


#54, 55 & 56: Raymond Perry - AlbumLover, GA

Specializing in all types of music - vintage blues, jazz, R&B and rock.

eBay: AlbumLover